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We supply all kind of Industrial Motors in Tamilnadu are application of 3-Phase Induction Motors

The induction motor is mostly used in industrial applications. The squirrel cage induction motors are used in residential as well as industrial applications especially where the speed control of motors is not needed such as Pumps and submersible, Cooling tower motor, Chiller motor, Air Blower motor, Pressing machine motor, Lathe machine motor, Grinding machine motor, Conveyor motor, Flour mills motor, Compressor motor and other low mechanical power applications hindustan electric motor dealer in chennai, Tamilnadu

The slip ring motors are used in heavy load applications where the high initial torque is needed such as Steel mills motor, Sugar mill motor, Rice mill motor, Lift motor, Crane Machine motor, Hoist motor, Line shafts motor and other heavy mechanical workshops etc. Havells electric motor dealer in chennai, Tamilnadu

We are also supplying all kindl of Industrial Pipes and fittings & Valves like MS Pipe Jindal, GI Pipe Jindal, UPVC Pipe, CPVC Pipe, Pipe fittings, Butterfly valve, Foot valve, Ball valve, Strainer, Float valve and we deal Pipe line Flanges in MS Flange, MS Slipon Flange Table D, Table E, Table F, Table H, Ansi flanges, MS Dummy flange, L & T Electrical Starters and Electrical Cables, Electrical wires, required for New Project, Project Expansion and Maintenance.

Lakshan Hardware Agencies specialize in execution of bulk supply and Turnkery projects orders in a time bound frame. Lakshan Hardware Agencies has an excellent infrastructure and maintains high standards of quality.  We are equipped of meet the critical requirements and tailor made PIPE LINE MATERIALS as per customer need. Our customers are Indian Engineering Industries like Automotive, Injection moulding, Furnace, Steel, Petro-Chemical, Fertilizers, Power Generation, Sugar, Paper, Process, Chemicals, Ship Building Industries, Agriculture etc.

Our aim to provide best services by quoting and supply goods immediately. We specialize in supply of below mention products in all reputed brands.

  • Pumps: Kirloskar all range of Pumps (Industrial Monoblock, Pressure Pump, Vacuum Pump, Fire Pump, Bore pump, Dewatering pumps, Sewage pumps, Irrigation pumps and Agricultural pumps etc.)

  • Motors: Kirloskar, Hindustan and Havells all range of Motors (Industrial motors- Standard Motors, Cooling tower motors, Crane duty motors, Textile motors, Windmill motors, Dual speed motor, Inverter duty motors and Special customized motors of any variety) 

  • Heat Exchanger: Shell and Tube heat exchanger

  • Cooling tower: FRP Cooling tower, Square type cooling tower, Round type cooling tower

  • Rainwater Harvesting System: Authorised dealer in Rainy filter Rain water harvesting filter (Automatic Dual Intensity)

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Branch Office: No.30A, Reddy Street, Nerkundram, Chennai - 600107

Register Office:

No.25, Thangalkarai Road, N.T.Patel Road,

Nerkundram, Chennai - 600107

Mobile: 7550056466 


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