Rainwater Harvesting Filter

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Rain Water Filter

"Rainy" Dual Intensity self-cleaning Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Filters

The down take pipes from the roof to be interconnected and lead till the Filter unit and to be

connected to the Inlet of the Rainy Filter




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Function of the Filter

Rainy filters are designed with self cleaning mechanism and can be fixed to the wall by connecting Rooftop rainwater drain pipes. The rainwater along with dirt particles enters into the inlet of filter through the hollow pipe tangentially to the filter housing and rotating slowly along the periphery of upper housing so as to flow into the SS 304 filter element placed in lower housing of the filter unit in angular motion at specific velocity, which creates cohesive force and segregates dirt particles and clean water individually. However when the intensity of rainfall increases the high volume of water moves in circular motion with high velocity in the upper housing and creates a centrifugal force. In both situations, involving low and high intensity of rainfall , the working principle of the filter based on cohesive and centrifugal force respectively, aids the filter element to divert clean water into the cistern/ recharging well and simultaneously flushes out automatically sand, debris, and dirt particles through the drain outlet.


Special Features

  • The Rainy filter has open drain outlet in order to avoid stagnation of water and dirt particles inside the Filters

  • No consumables required

  • Filter inlet and outlet connections can be rotated 360 degrees to suit to the pipe line direction.

  • Bypass valve is provided in the filter  to divert the  sudden summer rains into the drain

  • The filter efficiency remains unchanged even with the variation of intensity of rainfall

  • Fully enclosed and compact in size,  so minimum space is sufficient to install

  • The versatility of these filters is such that they can even be fitted inside the ducts.

  • Tough high density UV  treated High density polyethylene Housing is built to last long

  • filter element  is  made  out of SS-304 Steel and it is food graded 

  • The Filter being  wall mounting can be fitted with wall bracket and flexible rubber straps with hooks

  • Inlet, outlet and drain outlets can be connected easily through the rubber bushes and bellows to the existing pipes.

  • Various models are available to suit various dimension of Roof areas as per the requirements of consumers

  • Since the filters do not have any moving parts, there is no wear & tear of the filter  hence it enables long life span

  • Due to simplicity in connection, local plumbers, technicians, can easily  install the filter

  • The technology of  filter components is of food grade, environment friendly, and recyclable

  • If the filter element is clogged it can be easily removed , washed and Re-inserted



  • By storing of water in the sump & reutilizing, around 35% of the annual requirement of a household can be met.  Thereby a considerable amount on the water and power bill can be saved.

  • Dependency on water tankers, ground water and corporation water can  also be  much reduced

  • Recharge of Groundwater, replenishes the  deeper layers of the earth’s crust which in turn  insulates the earth from rise in temperature, reducing global warming

  • Reduces loss of top soil, surface runoff , thereby avoids silting of ponds and lakes

  • Reduces  hardness , salinity and TDS  contents in the bore well

  • Seawater ingression can be checked in costal line

  • All materials used in this Technology  are eco-friendly and recyclable

  • Reduces significant carbon foot prints

    • Technology works on the Gravitational Principle

    • Reducing the Pumping of water from distant places , deeper depths & Movement of Water Tankers

  • Checks overexploitation of groundwater source.

  • Prevents water logging in low lying areas.

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